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1. Q: How can I apply for a loan?

Prepare your loan request proposal and visit the website to upload it, then proceed to apply online after an approval message from AFC or visit the Branch nearest your project site for advice and guidance.


2. Q: Can I obtain a loan from any AFC branch?

For purposes of order, efficiency and accountability all our branches have been given clearly defined areas of jurisdiction. The Manager in charge of that area is therefore best placed to make appropriate decision on agricultural investments in the same area. It is therefore prudent and advisable that loan applicants make their requests to the Branch Manager under whose jurisdiction the agricultural project will be implemented.

3. Q: What is the maximum loan offered?

A: There is no prescribed maximum loan for any project however the amount of the loan offered depends but not limited to the following -: (a)The overall cost of the project for successful implementation
(b)The ability of the applicant to contribute towards the successful implementation of the project.
(c)The minimum acceptable commercially viable economic unit of operation for the specific enterprise. The Corporation's limitations for the implementation of specific programs, as dictated by the overall corporate policy and the Government of Kenya agricultural development policy.

4.Q: Do you charge fees for processing loans and if you do, can the fees be part of the loan applied?

The Corporation charges modest fees for all loan applications and all the required fees are paid up front by the applicant and is therefore not part of the loan applied.

5.Q: Is there an age limit for loan applicants?

The Corporation only accepts loan applications from applicants above age 18 and in possession of Kenya National Identity cards. In case of legal entities, they should be registered and recognized by the statute, under which they were established and must have been in operation preferably for 3 years from the date of registration. The Corporation discourages first time applicants above age 70 years. However there is no age limit for applicants with previous loan accounts in the Corporation.

6. Q: Do you require security for all loans?


7. Q: Do you accept for security a land title deed different from the land on which the project will be implemented?

YES. However, such title must be acceptable to the Corporation as security.

8. Q: Do you give a grace period before loan repayment starts?

Loans are repaid at specific installments dependent on the specific enterprise and overall cash flow of the borrower. The period allowed between loan disbursement and first instalment ranges from one month to twelve months. However in all cases loan interest accrual starts immediately on disbursement of the loan.

9. Q: What is your interest rate?

Our current interest rate is competitive.

10. Q: Do you disburse your loan funds directly to the borrower?

Currently all disbursements are done by issuance of a cheque payable directly to the borrower on a properly documented request. However disbursement in kind by paying directly to suppliers may be done on specific capital items such as machinery and farm equipment on authorization by the borrower.

11. Q: Can I pay my loan at any of your nearest offices?

YES. You however need to provide your loan account number.


Branch Name Address Contact Details
Kiambu Kiambu Rd
P.O BOX 285-00900
WoteNgei Rd P.O.Box 282-90300 Tel: 020-2675807
KajiadoMain Town Rd P.O.Box 63-01100Tel: +254-729-630066
NgongNgong-Kiserian Rd P.O.Box 46-00208Tel: +254-723-919321
MachakosNgei Rd P.O.Box 332-90100Tel:020-2624249
LoitokitokElassit Rd
P.O BOX 71-00209
Development HouseTom Mboya Street
P.O BOX 30367-00100
Branch Name Address Contact Details
BometSotik-Narok Rd P.O.Box 368-20400.Tel:+254-773-554362
MoloNjoro-Molo Rd P.O.Box 228-20106.Tel:020-2172732
NaivashaKariuki Chotara Rd P.O.Box 220-20117.Tel:050-2020463
KerichoTemple Rd P.O.Box 101-20200.Tel:+254-775-798906
Eldama-RavineMaji Mazuri Rd P.O.Box 58-20103.Tel:+254-774-496380
NakuruKijabe Rd P.O.Box 1057-20100.Tel:+254-711-362775
KabarnetKabarnet-Eldoret Rd P.O.Box 300-304000.Tel:+254-705-659272
NarokNairobi-Narok Rd P.O.Box 76-20500.Tel:+254-770-567277,
Branch Name Address Contact Details
KakamegaElassit Rd P.O.Box 71-00209Tel:020-633695
KisiiNCPB House P.O.Box 422Tel:020-8033032
MigoriAdministration Rd P.O.Box 392 -40100Tel:020-2352075
KisumuOginga Odinga Rd P.O.Box 420 - 40100Tel:+254-700-015609
BondoOff Bondo-Usenge Rd(Along Main Entr to Bondo Town)P.O BOX 245-40601
BungomaNCPB Depot
P.O BOX 6-50200
KilgorisAgriculture House
P.O BOX 46-40700
OyugisOyugis-Kisii Rd
Branch Name Address Contact Details
KilifiNear KCB Tel:+254-772-125313
UkundaMombasa-Lunga Lunga RdTel:+254-772-561510
BuraNIB Offices
P.O BOX 52 Bura-Tana
MpeketoniOpp.Kenyatta Primary Rd
P.O BOX 109-80503
HolaNIB Offices
P.O BOX 5 Hola-Tana
Branch Name Address Contact Details
EldoretEldoret-Unga Rd P.O.Box 827-30100.Tel:053-2061432
KitaleMakasembo Rd P.O.Box 403-30200.Tel:+254-786-629946
KapsabetOpposite Post Office P.O.Box 301-30300.Tel:020-2320309
TurboUganda Rd P.O.Box 301-30300.Tel:+254-711-444149
ZiwaSirikwa Center P.O.Box 8 ZiwaTel:+254-712-353974
ItenOff Iten-Kapsowar Street
P.O BOX 454-3070
Branch Name Address Contact Details
NyeriBondeni Rd P.O.Box 242Tel: +254-771-281498
ThikaKaranja Street P.O.Box 1345Tel: +254-733-865181
MurangaHuru Highway P.O.Box 65Tel:020-2316799,
MeruMeru-Makutano Rd P.O.Box 47Tel:+254-720-978382
EmbuNairobi-Embu Rd Kfa Building P.O.Box 125Tel:+254-703-125304
NyahururuNyeri-Nyahururu Rd Rd P.O.Box 276Tel:065-2032223,
KerugoyaKirinyaga Building Rd P.O.Box 104Tel:Tel:+254-770-354963,
NanyukiBidha Bora Rd Rd P.O.Box 257Tel:051-8010937
KaratinaIndustrial Area Rd
P.O.Box 382
Tel:061- 4572008,
Chogoria Meru Kaveche Rd
P.O BOX 481-60401
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    Fax: +254-2219390

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